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Santa Bob Georgia“JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON” is the main thought in my mind in becoming Santa Bob.

So looking forward to the 2020 Season, each year has been better than before and I look for 2020 to be even better.  I will be the Santa at Rhodes Hall in downtown Atlanta. Please check the website at https://www.georgiatrust.org/tours-events/santa/ for schedule and sign up.
Now taking Reservations. 

The schedule is also on this website.

Something very unique and inspiring that I discovered about myself in 2017 was that I really have a real heart for Special Needs Children (of all ages). The look on their faces when they see Santa is truly inspiring and heart felt. I hope to do much more of that in 2020 in addition to be Santa for all children of all ages.  

I believe Santa Claus displays love, hope and giving for all people, especially the children.   Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces is a tremendous blessing to me. I have worked with children in organized sports, Church Drama and Music, teaching Sunday School and Bible School ever since I was old enough to serve in those capacities.

I have been married for 54 years, 2 children and 5 grandchildren. A faithful member of my Church with a heart for the needs of people throughout the world.   

What a great year in 2019 I had as Santa Bob. It started the week after Thanksgiving and was almost non-stop till Christmas Day. My season consisted of being Santa at Bass Pro Shop in Macon, Skating Rinks, Church's, School's, a Charity event at Georgia Tech, Nursing Homes and reading to children in Pre School and Elementary Schools. I participated in tree lightnings, parades and was highlighted by riding in on a Fire Engine for an event. I will again this coming season to the best of my ability try convey the Spirit of Christmas and ignite imagination and to inspire hope to all I come in contact with.

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